lunes, julio 19, 2004
Today is Monday
Well, today is monday, the begining of the week. There are only two weeks until I'm going to go to Mauritania.
I hope to arrive this day early, but now I'm very tired. The last weekend I've worked a lot and when I think in this week I feel more and mor tired. The next friday I have to do my french exam, I don't know how I'll do it but I hope to do well.
In only two weeks I'll stay with my trip patterns during 32 days, traveling througt Morocco and Mauritania. I won't see a lot of people and this is a sad thing to me, but when I'll return I'll be very happy to see all people another time. Ok, I'll write this days and I'll tell you a lot of things.
Be happy, be special, feel the life.
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