lunes, mayo 31, 2004
Tomorrow will be the day...
I've to do my English oral exam tomorrow. Eventually, tomorrow will be the last day of my English course. Last Friday, we went to have a dinner and after to have a drink with my classmates. We had good time. But only three of us could ended the night. We was talking about to have another dinner in the last days of June... Will we see it, won't it?
Today I have a holiday. It's a local holiday in Hospitalet and Barcelona. I've done a lot of things like go shopping, do clean up and see a film. Now, I'm writting something in order to improve my English. I can write about a lot of issues but if you can't see the words in your mind, surely you can't write anything.
Other day I'll talk to tell you. Yes I'll do it.
Best wishes
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